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Full service maintenance is always available from Mountain Shadow Marine. In fact, from the moment your system is filled with water our trained staff of aquarium technicians is there to help with livestock selection, routine maintenance, and even 24 hour emergency service. If a hassle free aquarium is what you desire, simply call us at 801-299-1409 to schedule a regular maintenance program and relax. If you prefer to be pro-active with your system's care, remember that we sell and deliver everything from livestock to dry goods with guaranteed quality.


What would any aquarium be without a beautiful selection of fish and invertebrates?
At Mountain Shadow Marine, we realize that most of the fun of owning an aquarium comes from selecting and enjoying its inhabitants. That is why we go to great lengths to offer our customers some of the finest fish, corals and other invertebrates from around the world. From the rare and exotic to the more common varieties our trained staff cares for every fish and invertebrate that we purchase. Utilizing a sterile acclimation area, we hand select every specimen, then nurture to ensure their health is never in question. This unique process helps to ensure the health and beauty of your system, while at the same time limiting the loss of valuable natural resources.

Installation & Technology

One of the major problems with purchasing an aquarium from a pet store is getting it home, and then setting it up. With Mountain Shadow Marine every customer can sit back relax and have their new system delivered and professionally installed by our qualified staff. Carefully and efficiently, Mountain Shadow Marine will position the tank to your exacting specifications, then proceed to plumb, fill, light, and decorate your dream aquarium. Rest assured our only goal is to provide an aquarium that is nothing short of living art. However, in the event that your system needs to be relocated or repositioned we are always available to breakdown and harmlessly relocate your system and its valuable livestock.

Custom Lighting

Mountain Shadow Marine is equipped to handle the exact lighting needs of any aquarium system. If you are looking for a dazzling reef aquarium then Metal Halide units might be your choice. On the other hand perhaps a VHO (Very High Output) or PC (power compact) florescent system would be better suited for your specific systems needs. If you desire to keep a fresh water system, we also have the ability to fit your system with standard florescent lamps that enhance the appearance of your particular setting. In any case, remember that most units are available with the latest in technology like dimmers, computerized simulations and much more.

Custom Filtration

Perhaps the most critical element of any captive environment is its filtration system. By choosing to purchase from Mountain Shadow Marine, every customer is assured of getting a biological filtration unit that is custom manufactured to their exacting needs and ready to run with pre cycled media if required. Every system is surveyed by our staff Biologist then adapted to suit the size of your system and selection of your livestock.